Feb 9, 2018
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  • Societism

    To all people who feels or is isolated from the society, as what you've been waiting for, today, YOUR DREAM HAS COME!
    As we know, some people like us, are isolated from the society, including myself. That's because of our personality. Others ignore us, treat us like we don't exist, telling us to change, or even bully us, and treat us like WILD DOGS! We tried our best, but it just WON'T WORK! Because they don't understand, or they DO NOT want to understand us. They think we are worthless, useless, and some may even wanted us to commit SUICIDE. Some of the past celebrities, like Einstein and Newton, faced the same situation. But, they still do good for the world. Now I tell you, that THEY ARE WRONG! Einstein should have directly create atomic bombs after he came up with the theory of atoms, and DESTROY THIS INSIGNIFICANT WORLD! Why should we do good for others if they don't treat us the same way? THEY DON'T DESERVE IT! Why should we change if others shouldn't? Why should we change if we are made like this? I find this unfair, SOOOO UNFAIR! Even each of us are different, but we are all actually the same. We have strengths and weaknesses. CAN'T THEY SEE??? Some of them must already know it, but they DO IT IN PURPOSE! Now…our turn…instead of racism, what about we create something alike like that? Called 'societism' – it's like racism towards others aside from us. We are the victory and always get what we want, WHILE THOSE FILTY LITTLE DEVILS SUFFER IN 'HELL', AND WE LAUGH WHILE WATCHING THEM. THIS IS OUR REVENGE, TORTURE THEM, BURN THEM, MAKE THEM PAY FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO US, MAKE THEM FACE THEIR WORST NIGHTMARE AND SUFFER THEIR HORRIBLE DEATH!!!





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